Australia is an enormous country that is flourishing with cultural and natural treasures. Home of the kangaroo, Bondi Beach and the outback, there really is an endless list of things to do in Australia; from relaxing on the pristine and turquoise beaches to plunging and exploring the rich marine life. Myriads of outdoor activities also await the thrill seekers from wildlife adventures to trekking, of course not forgetting the stunning Great Barrier Reef.  But the country is more than just natural wonders; business districts will also entice every arts enthusiast with their gallery and museums.  Travellers who are looking for a gastronomic experience will also enjoy the sprawling restaurants that are offering local and international cuisine, or perhaps you want to have a taste of the world-class wines that are manufactured in their vineyards. Whatever you are after from Australia, here are some beginner tips:

Planning Your Australian Vacation

Due to the changes in the climate, the weather in Australia is quite difficult to predict.  The first thing to remember is, depending on where you are coming from, the weather in this country is a great contradiction of the climate in the northern hemisphere.  For instance, when the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing severe winter, summer would be occurring in Australia.  During the warm season, the coastal area provides a very convenient place to stay, but on some occasions, it can also increase up to 40°c some places can also become very humid. Moving inland and the temperature will start to increase. Temperatures in the outback during summer can sometimes reach 45°c+, so knowing the local weather can help you plan your travel itinerary.

Average Cost of Your Travel

Some of the costs that you may incur during your travel include the food, accommodation, transportation and your daily activities. Getting to Australia itself will be the main cost. Searching for cheap flights to Australia can help you find a good deal. In addition, remember that some cities in Australia belong to the group of most expensive cities in the world, which is why it is essential to think about your expenses.

(all prices are averages and are in $AUD)

  • Accommodation – the basic type of accommodation in Australia will cost around $20 for hostel type accommodation, but if you are planning to stay near the coastal areas, then the price can start at $40 or more. For private rooms, the cost can be approximately $80-100, of course depending on the quality of the destination.  Larger hotels may cost at about $200 but can go up into the thousands. If you fancy being more adventurous, there are spots reserved for camping which will only cost you $15-30.
  • Food – your daily sustenance will not be cheap when you travel to Australia. The average restaurants that are offering decent foods will cost about $20.  Based on the statistics, the locals spend as much as $100 every week when shopping for only the basic groceries. On the flip side, if you like trying local delicacies, Australia has a lot to offer. If price is an issue, the more affordable choice would be Asian foods that will cost $10.
  • Transportation– public transportation such as busses and trains will generally cost $4 in the cities. If you plan on visiting Melbourne you can take advantage of their efficient tram system. When travelling between cities or cross-country, Greyhound is the perfect option. The cost of the passes will start at a price of $145 which can massively increase up to $3,000, depending on the distance.  Rental vans would be the cheapest form of travelling.  Cost will start at $60.


Australia is so diverse, with something for everyone. Because it is such a big country, it is a good idea to have a plan of where you are going, as getting from one side of the country is not only time consuming but can also be expensive. It is wise to stick to one area of the country, thus avoiding lots of internal travelling. Do your research on what you would like to see. Knowing the main places you would like to visit before you go can allow you to plan ahead


Every type of visitor needs to obtain a visa before visiting Australia. If your plan is to just visit the country, then all you need is a simple visitor visa, which can be obtained online. All the information you need can be found on the website.

Planning accordingly before and during your travel will guarantee that your travel experience will be hassle-free and efficient. Australia is such a great country, so you’re going to want to enjoy what it has to offer.


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