When you’re creating marketing videos for social media, it is safe to say that you will want them to be as engaging as possible. The more engaging your videos are the more likely they are to be shared and commented on, and that not only will increase the number of views they obtain but also their effectiveness at converting those viewers.

In short making sure your marketing videos are engaging should be your top priority, and these five tips should help:

  • Ensure the duration is short

Generally short videos retain more views and as such are able to engage more of them. On social media that is especially the case, due to the fact that viewers tend to have shorter attention spans and aren’t likely to watch videos over a minute long. As a rule you should try to keep your videos between 15 seconds to 1 minute at very most.

  • Introduce the topic in 7 seconds

The majority of viewers on social media will decide whether to keep watching within the first 7 seconds – so you have that long to introduce your topic. Simply put there’s no time to beat around the bush, and you should immediately let viewers know what your video is about and why it is worth their while to stick around to watch it.

  • Leverage an emotion

One thing that you may notice that videos with lots shares and comments have in common is the fact that they tend to leverage an emotion. That is no coincidence, and it is something you should emulate if you want your marketing videos to engage viewers. Depending on your topic you could make your video funny, inspiring, touching, scary, surprising, or something else entirely.

  • Understand your audience

As you can imagine it is important that you understand your audience, and that is especially the case if you want to create engaging videos. If you research your target market you’ll be able to identify topics that may interest them by understanding their interests, problems, and viewpoints better. Additionally you may be able to determine certain types of videos that appeal to your target market most.

  • Use subtitles

Did you know that a sizable chunk of viewers will watch videos with the sound turned off? If you want to stand a chance of engaging these viewers, you should use subtitles – or make sure your video is able to deliver its message just as effectively through visual means alone. Keep in mind that you don’t need to limit yourself to the conventional subtitles, and any text that helps convey the message will work.

All of the tips listed above should help you to create far more engaging videos for your social media marketing effort – but it is just as important that they are up to par in terms of quality and production value as well. That is something that Movavi Video Editor can help with, by giving you the tools you need to compile and create high quality videos.

Using Movavi Video Editor you will be able to cut together your videos, trim out any unwanted parts, and join clips together. If you want you can enhance their quality, add audio tracks, apply filters and special effects, or even add captions as subtitles.

It is worth noting that you could even create your videos within Movavi Video Editor itself, by using it as a webcam recording software. Suffice to say it will give you everything you need to create engaging videos for social media, both from scratch or by compiling footage that you recorded through other means.


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