The average lifespan of a smartphone these days is around 20 months despite the fact that experts say they can usually last you up to 7 years. The thing is, technology moves so quickly these days that upgrading becomes inevitable if you want to keep up with the most powerful and capable devices.

So, if you were lucky enough to receive an upgrade on your handset for Christmas, the question you should now be asking yourself is “how do I sell my mobile?”

The way we go about mobile phone recycling has drastically changed through the ease of now doing it mostly online, with damaged and even broken phones being well worth the trade-in (although you will receive less cash for them). There are sites like sellmymobile which are perfect if you want to sell your old iphone.

Why There’s A High Demand For Used Phones

It’s estimated that there could be up to 80 million unused handsets lying around UK homes carrying a value of around £10 billion. This comes as the market for refurbished phones, particularly in developing countries, has started to boom with well over 100 million refurbished smartphones selling worldwide. As this market continues to grow it would be madness to continue to leave forgotten phones lying around.

Even if the phone is broken beyond repair it can still contain plenty of useful materials which can be salvaged and then reused; almost every phone has a cash value! It’s absolutely worth your time to have a proper look around the house to see if you can dig out any old phone, and if you find anything then it’s easy money. But how do you make sure that you get the best deal out there?

One of the quickest and most effective ways is to use a comparison website such as, which ranks mobile phone recycling sites by price, trust rating and speed of payment. For example, it shows the best current price for a used Apple iPhone 7 is at £300 through RPC Recycle (though this drops to £117 when the handset is broken – Rapid Phone Buyer being most competitive here). Sell My Mobile also offers a bulk sale option, which appears to be targeted at businesses but is probably worth looking at if your entire family got new phones for Christmas!

How To Sell Your Phone

Once you pick the site that you want to sell your phone with and accept their price, you’ll usually be sent a bag and prepaid postage label for the handset, which you can send to them for free. You must make sure to transfer all of your data over to the new phone, as well as ensuring that you don’t leave anything in like an SD card.

It’s a good idea to then do a factory reset as some old phones become slow, as the mobile phone recycling process starts with that anyway. Once the company receives the phone and checks it over you’ll receive the agreed cash amount, that is unless they contest the condition of the phone in which case you’re free to reject any lowered offers made on the device.

Why You’d Be Mad Not To

If you were to even find just an old Nokia knocking about in an attic or drawer, it could fetch you up to £20 depending on the model!

So don’t allow yourself to become yet another person who leaves unused phones lying around the house and instead take the opportunity for some easy cash to kick off your new year, or even use it to ease the financial strain that so many of us feel post-Christmas.

Recycle your old handset today, there’s absolutely no reason not to!


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