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App marketers can finally target users in a targeted and contextual way by leveraging perfect real-time moments to reach and re-engage their potential target audience.

Appnext, a leading mobile discovery platform, today announced the launch of Appnext Timeline, the latest technology to provide user information.

Appnext Timeline is to interrogate the status quo of the industry and change the intermittent ad-tech in text form by focusing on real user context, relevance and user retention instead of profiles and ad views. Appnext’s new technology uses location, real-time, and historical behavior patterns to understand the unique immediate context of a user and predict how he will most likely act next.

The new technology recognizes more than 100 device signals and translates them into personalized user timelines. At the same time, it identifies the place (eg at home, at work, abroad) and dozens of contextual moments that the user experiences in real time (wake up, listen to music, commute to work, travel by public transport and much more).

In recent years, the ad-tech industry has made impressive progress in terms of user information gathering and marketers to understand who their ideal users are (demographics, geography, etc.). For example, a marketer behind a taxi app knows several parameters via different user segments. As a result, users are bombarded with ads that are exactly aligned to their demographic profiles, but are almost irrelevant at the current moment in their day-to-day run.
Appnext Timeline allows marketers to focus their customer acquisition, campaign revival, and budgets on contextual moments that are likely to generate the greatest impact and interaction. To reach a user with the ad for a taxi app when he is leaving the office or traveling, marketers can focus on the immediate interaction, while publishers can manage their premium inventory efficiently and the user value as well as the revenue for Any Ad Impression can maximize.

Elad Natanson, Founder and CEO of Appnext, said: “The mobile industry, as we know it, has not stopped developing, mobile phones are smarter and apps have improved, but the mobile experience is not.” We offer Appnext Timeline to fill the gap , And enable mobile publishers, app marketers, as well as users to enter a new era of practical context, relevance, and beneficial displays that will benefit users and their current needs “We are proud to introduce this revolutionary technology that will help over 650 million users worldwide take advantage of their apps at the right moments during their day-to-day operations.”
The Appnext management team will present Appnext Timeline at the Mobile World Congress in Hall 8.1 at booth E10. The conference will take place from 28 February to 2 March 2017.


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