Did you know that dogs made us happy and healthy? A dog can really change your whole life. Dog owners know this, of course, long ago. However, you do not need your own dog to enjoy the company of a dog. Even dog sitter or dog walkers can experience the wonderful things a dog has to offer. Here are 7 reasons why dogs make us happy.

1) You’re never alone
A dog is a real friend who is always there for you, does not judge you and always is glad to know you by his side. Imagine: You got up with the wrong leg in the morning, you are not quite yourself today. And come in your joyfully wagging four-legged friend. He puts his head in your lap and looks at you with big dog eyes: “Do not be sad. Are we going out? “And already the bad mood is gone 🙂

2) You often come have to find fresh air …
… and discover the best places! A dog must get out several times a day. Whoever is accustomed to dog care knows that this is certainly not a punishment. In our busy everyday life, it is great to go out into the world and breathe deeply. Together with your dog companion, you will get to know the most beautiful spot in your environment. Every day you go to the forest or the park, where you can relax and be your dog himself. If you walk with your dog every day, you are generally more satisfied, is healthier and has the opportunity to stay regularly in nature.3) A dog teaches you a lot about yourself
A dog is like a mirror. Dogs are 100% honest and their response to human behavior is completely unfiltered. Your faithful friend will react directly to your behavior and your emotions. This can be quite confronting: he will feel your stress, your insecurities or your anger each time anew and show it. Your self-confident attitude and inner peace naturally have the same effect on your dog. So take the time to get to know your dog inside and out, and you also learn something about yourself. The result is a very special relationship between you and your quadruped!4) A dog promotes social contacts
A cute dog as companion makes you an interesting stroller: “What a beautiful dog! What is his name? “If you have ever walked with a dog, you know that you mostly meet other dog owners. This is great, because you can exchange your four-legged friends, and if they are like one another, they can play with each other! If you do not want to chat, this is not a problem. A friendly greeting and you go your way. If you want to get to know new people, a dog is the best companion you can imagine!
5) A dog is good for your health
A dog is very good for health. Not only because it keeps you moving, but also because animal husbandry helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase the production of the “happiness hormone” endorphin. Dog owners are recovering faster from diseases and animal husbandry also has advantages for seniors. And children who grow up with dogs are less likely to develop allergies and asthma.6) A dog teaches you responseabilty
For a child it is an absolute blessing to grow up with pets. Children trust a dog all their secrets, because the dog is always there and tells nothing else! Studies have even shown that the handling of animals has a positive effect on the physical as well as the mental well-being of children. In addition, children benefit from their early learning of their sense of responsibility in dealing with animals, and thus also in dealing with their environment. Of course, the animals also benefit from this!7) A dog gives your life a meaning
Because keeping a dog is a big responsibility. In the eyes of your dog, you are the center of the world, the most important person in his life. He is completely dependent on you and you are responsible for his physical and mental health. This may sound intimidating, but for some, this is the most beautiful thing about dog keeping: you make sure that a great living creature has a beautiful life. Everyone who has once taken a dog into his family knows how good it feels to give an animal a well-deserved home. Obtaining a dog is, of course, a big task, and it is important to think well beforehand if you can handle this task. Read here six questions about the purchase of a dog


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