Sweden is a huge country with comparatively few inhabitants. Around 10 million people live here on an area that is once again 100,000 km² larger than Germany. Whether in the country or in the city, peculiarities and peculiarities, there are quite a lot in the whole country. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the inhabitants have so much time in the long winter months to adopt strange eating habits. Boredom is, as is known, creative. 

Nature in Sweden

Lakes, forests, beaches, skerries, bridges that stretch far into the water, from which you can jump into the cool water like in the advertisement. Swedish nature does not have beauty. No matter where you drive in Sweden there are nice places to rest, walk and walk. Wild rivers in the north, archipelago on the coasts in the east and west, vast landscapes in Skåne / Skåne in the south and everywhere else beautiful lakes and forests. Pure Idyl.

There are also parks in the cities that reflect the Swedish landscapes, with green areas from which suddenly round stones like islands project out of the ground and invite you to sit down or sit on them. The allure allows campers to camp with their tents, no matter where in Sweden in the nature for a night.

Sweden is easy to reach and is not as far away as you might think. The journey by car is pleasant, either by ferry from Germany directly to Sweden or only to Denmark (with or without ferry) and then over the Öresundbrücke – a varied road trip.
How to get there?

Ferries are popular, but if not, here are some Tips on how to get to Sweden by car, with or without a ferry

Wide roads, hardly traffic and a speed limit of 110 and 120 km / h makes the round trip with the car through Sweden very pleasant. Even long journeys can be done without great effort.

Especially the E4 between Helsingborg and Stockholm with its long turns, easy up and down movements and the beautiful landscape beyond the road edge is a feast for the eyes and prepares a lot of driving pleasure. To loudly sing to ABBA on the radio – the perfect trip to Sweden!

By plane you can fly to Småland or Stockholm in less than two hours. Comfortable to fly only to Copenhagen and from there to southern Sweden by train or car rental. Then you can also see the beautiful Öresund bridge close up. An experience of every trip to Sweden.

Car rental companies from Germany / Denmark to Sweden and the cars can also deliver in the other country: Hertz, Budget, Avis and Sixt


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