Where is my first or next backpacking trip? Which countries are suitable for this? The questions in the minds of the travel and adventure-loving backpackers are probably the same. There are countries that are particularly suitable for beginners and those who are more suited for experienced professional backpackers. So that you know which is the right destination for you, I have created an overview, which should assist you in your decision.

Here, in the first part, you will get to know the appropriate Reiseländer for beginners, in the second part I introduce countries for advanced or professional. Important for all backpackers – whether newcomers or pros – is that you have to be absolutely open to new things. Having a few foreign language skills is also very helpful. For example, it is advisable for newcomers to travel to countries whose culture is not so different from its own in order to prevent a cultural shock. This makes it easier to test this new way of traveling first.

These countries are best suited for backpacking for beginners

  • Austrailia
  • New Zealand
  • United States
  • Europe
  •  Thailand

Australia the Allrounder – From outback to big cities
The smallest continent in the world is made for backpackers and for this reason you will definitely find many backpackers. In general, Australia is similar to Germany in terms of culture, so cultural shocks are not likely to happen. Australia is a very good choice for the first trip, the people there are extremely friendly and helpful. Although it is the smallest continent on earth, there is so much to see and discover. So most of you are known the world cities Sydney and Melbourne.

Also the many Nationalparks you should pay a visit, this one is mostly free of charge. Where national parks are, wild animals are also often found. 90% of all Australian animals you see here are not found anywhere else in the world. Discover the Australian outback, the desert, the many tropical rainforests and much more – best during a roadtrip. You can not stop counting what you must have seen there. So there are also great coasts and beaches, and also before action does the country no stop. Enjoy water sports such as diving, snorkeling, sailing or surfing, and the party of your life at night.

The most cost-effective accommodation for backpackers are hostels in Australia and beyond. Since the prices vary however depending on the place. If you are a little off the beaten path, you can spend $ 25 a night in the summer. In the great cities of Melbourne and Sydney, a night can cost around $ 40-50. If a hostel accommodation is too expensive, you can also change to camping holidays. There are many campsites in Australia, where you can either pitch your tent or park your camping van. Please note that wild camping is prohibited in many areas.

Although extremely popular, Australia is a relatively expensive backpacking destination. It already begins with the long, expensive flights and other travel costs. This is the reason why you should consider exactly how long you stay on site. Some say, for example, that it is not worth it under three weeks, because of the long journey and because there is so much to see. If you go outside eating and drinking, the bill at the end of the evening can be a small fun spoiler. The best way to get away is to go shopping in supermarkets with food – definitely a cheap alternative to the restaurant. But also here – make up your mind: food in Australia are on average about 30% more expensive than here in Germany. Also the tours are generally somewhat more expensive, as you are accustomed to – but I recommend you the money rather in attractions, the seeing and experiencing the continent to plug than at the wrong end.

All around, Australia is a suitable destination for novice backpackers. Even with the little English chunks you get along well here and the probability that you meet here on other backpackers is 100%. Just as far as your finances are concerned, you should inform yourself enough, so that you will not suddenly experience the blue miracle after a week in a foreign country.

New Zealand – The land for naturalists

With its North and South Island, New Zealand is a very popular destination for backpackers. It offers large cities such as Auckland and Wellington, but also top beaches, especially on the North Island. The natural diversity here offers so much. In addition to beautiful beaches, you can also admire volcanoes, fjords, glaciers and caves. Just the right thing for backpackers, who are also nature lovers at the same time. A cultural shock will not occur here, as New Zealand is very western. Here you do not need to be afraid to be alone, because here, too, you hit other backpackers with 100%, from which you can catch new insider tips or even take a little bit with you.

The best place to stay is in hostels, which are scattered throughout the country. In many hostels there are also dormitories – these are rooms with several beds where you can share your dorm with other guests and thus can screw down again at the price. The best travel time for a visit to New Zealand is between December and February, because then there is summer. At this time you should rather book your accommodation before, as the high season on both islands is quite busy. Since the cheapest accommodation can be quickly out of print. Unfortunately, New Zealand is a relatively expensive country of rice, but with a good planning and a more focused setting of priorities is certainly also with little budget well.

In order to continue here, it is advisable to have your own car, rental car or bus. Very popular in New Zealand is also the hitchhiking. Everywhere you see on the roadside the outstretched thumbs of the backpackers, which hope to be taken. In secluded places, however, you also want to wait a few hours, so you should look for a more reliable means of transportation.

USA – The land of unlimited possibilities
From skiing in the Rocky Mountains to sunbathing on dreamy beaches and under palm trees – everything is possible in the USA. The United States is a great destination for backpacking to get warm – there are western standards that people are open minded and language barriers should also be easy to overcome. The USA offers you insane metropolises, beautiful beaches and unique nature. A suitable route to see some highlights is, for example, the Route 66. Otherwise one travels best through the different cities of the USA and looks at as many national parks as possible. Just to name a few: Yosemite, Gran Canyon, Kenai Fjords or Yellowstone. Since you have a lot of time and also a lot of budget in order to see as much as possible.

To stay there are very many hostels, where you can sleep cheaply and for small money you will loose in the USA also loose. To fly more distances, it is best to fly. Otherwise one can also on buses, the railroad or, the existing in large cities, subways and highways. If you want, you can also take a rental car or you buy a car, if you stay several months – in the end then just sell to the next Roadtripper or backpacker.

Backpacking for beginners in Europe
Europe is quite easy for if you’re already in Europe: in often less than an hour you are in another country. This makes the whole trip a bit easier. Anyone traveling through Spain, Greece or Italy should plan more budget on overnight stays in hostels, travel, food and going out. Depending on the country you have different cultures and, above all, languages. That is why it is important that you speak at least a little English.

In Eastern Europe, the cost of living is significantly lower. This refers, for example, to the Balkans. This is the best time to travel, however, due to the cooler climate in the summer months.

Austria, Germany and Switzerland also offer travelers high comfort in terms of travel. The infrastructure leaves nothing to be desired with long-distance buses, buses, trains, many motorways and airports. However, the cost of living, for example for the accommodation, is not always so favorable.

Scandinavia in the north of Europe is also a destination for backpacking beginners. Nature lovers in particular will get their money’s worth here. Fjords, forests, glaciers and many other sights await you here. The well-developed infrastructure makes it easy to move around comfortably. Numerous airports in the big cities give you the opportunity to move quickly from one place to another. Ferries are also excellent, as are buses, long-distance buses and trains. Car rentals are very expensive in Scandinavia and especially in Norway. Fuel prices are also clearly above average. A good alternative is the Eurail Scandinavia Pass, with which you can travel discounted. The costs for accommodation, food and drinks are different, there is a high price level, which makes the travel agency quickly shrink.

Thailand – The Beginning Country No. 1
Thailand is probably the backpacker country par excellence. Every year hundreds of thousands of backpackers travel to the far south-east Asia. You can just get started. Find cheap flights, pack your backpack perfectly and then go! Accommodation and food are extremely cheap, which makes the stay here, especially for backpackers, pleasant and easy. In Thailand you can even try to lower the prices a bit. This is only possible if you book directly on the spot and of course not if you have already done it online. If you are there, you have the possibility to get a picture of the accommodation, because we all know that hotel pictures on the Internet sometimes promise more than they actually offer.

There are many Thai islands that you must visit. This is particularly suitable for ferry trips, which can take you quickly from island to island. With the small budget you get in Thailand very far, if you do not bring the highest standards and the most expensive hostels book. All the other tips and tricks for a backpacking trip to Thailand read her best in my report on two travelers who gave me an interview about their trip to Thailand.


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