Our planet is a big place but what’s happening on it can get up close and personal every time you use the internet. To be socially and environmentally aware are no longer the exclusive territory of your nearest treehugger. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that eco-friendly broadband provides all the services of the bigger names while appealing to consumers whose practical needs match ethical expectations. With energy utilities giving socially conscious consumers eco-friendly options, green broadband’s cheap deals are ensuring this massive sector of the telecoms industry doesn’t miss out.

Dedicated to combining co-operative values with a vision for a fairer world, it seems that planet-friendly broadband is here to stay. As a consumer, you don’t have to choose between your conscience and finances, either. You can do your bit for the causes that are important to you without being hit hard in the pocket. Eco-friendly broadband can just as easily be cheap broadband, able to effectively compete with the corporate heavyweights across the industry. Looking for cheap deals around the web with sites like Broadband Choices can help you make the right broadband decisions to suit both your practical needs whilst satisfying your personal ethics.

Factoring in that cheap deals and green broadband are not mutually exclusive, there are internet service providers right now offering a range of services and packages that provide fast broadband in conjunction with socially responsible values. Customer service is perhaps more personalised, with a people and planet business focus that could reasonably be perceived as less obvious with the better-known companies.

Green ISP

As a not for profit organisation, Green ISP have set their stall out with an ethics based business profile. They offer consumers the cheap broadband they want as well as appealing to the most altruistic of expectations. As an ethical provider, they make it clear that running a sustainable business is fundamental to how they operate. With the sign up of new customers, a tree is planted under the auspices of the climate action group, Treesponsibility, which links in nicely with their carbon dioxide offset policy. With their website’s tone of eco-friendly services for today and a sustainable business model for the future, Green ISP’s approach underpins the eco-broadband model.


Widely used by social and environmental activists, GreenNet’s green broadband credentials are comprehensive, offering services to customers who prioritise ethics as equal to the need for fast broadband. Run collectively, with members from a range of socially aware organisations, GreenNet invites everyone who cares about the planet, peace and human rights to sign up to their broadband services. They adopt a vision of community working, engendering the use of ethical telecommunications as a platform for supporting social justice and environmental responsibility. They use 100% renewable sources, specifically wind, wave and especially tidal power. As a not for profit organisation, their co-operative model signals a future for broadband that surely is in tune with the growing number of ethical customers.


The Phone Co-op

They are what they state they are, owned by members and giving customers the opportunity to have a stake in the business. Free of the requirement of generating income for external investors, they base themselves on co-operative principles. To this end, the business model is predicated on mutual benefits with profit sharing, underpinned by aims of making the world a better place for the whole planet. They are explicit about their social and environmental campaigning, supporting organisations such as Social Enterprise UK with the high profile living wage movement and place their focus on good business practices linked to fair pricing and integrity within the telecoms industry. They tick the environmentally aware box with their carbon offsets for both their own carbon footprint as well as their suppliers.

It’s fair to say that ethical considerations for consumers can rank just as important as the requirement for cheap broadband alone. The telecoms industry is recognising this, with some of the bigger players like Sky Digital adopting both carbon neutral and renewable energy policies. This demonstrates that the growth of green broadband can only prove positive for the socially aware customer who won’t tolerate wholly profit based services when there are viable alternatives that suit the customer and the planet.


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