In the US and elsewhere, gangsters try to convince users on the phone that they have debts at the state and elsewhere. As payment, they require coupon codes for Apple services.Apple is currently warning on its support website, apparently, of increasingly fraudulent action, where gangsters are looking for iTunes credit cards. According to the company, this is a modification of the well-known Enkeltricks: fraudsters try to build pressure on their victims by telephone and claim that these taxes, doctor’s and supplier accounts or loans are guilty. Anyone who does not pay is threatened with prison, police, high fines or power cuts.

Tax-pay via iTunes code
Instead of demanding cash, the fraudsters want their victimized victims to transfer them to iTunes credit cards as “means of payment”. This causes the victim to go to a store (such as a supermarket or an electronic vendor) to buy an iTunes credit card. Their code (16 digits) should then be sent to the fraudsters by telephone.

Credit cards are not a means of payment
Apple warns users to do so. ITunes vouchers are only intended to purchase goods and services in the iTunes Store, the App Store for the various Apple devices, the iBooks Store, and memberships with Apple Music. The codes are therefore not a means of payment. “Do not give the codes to anyone you do not know,” Apple said. Outside the Apple offerings one will never be asked for the 16 places. Those affected should report the fraud to the police or – in the USA – the FTC commercial watchdog.

Codes will be resold
The fraudsters are likely to resell the captured iTunes coupon codes and then “earn” their money. They are available with different value amounts of up to 100 euros. In Germany too, the codes are sold at numerous supermarkets, petrol stations and other suppliers. There are regular discounts. (Bsc)


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