We go less and less. Computer workstations, television and motorization have made us into motion muffles. Lieschenmüller or Max Mustermann, the average German human being, only reaches 1,000 steps per day. Physical activity, however, is very important to our health. Movement deficit is still prevalent in smoking and poor diet as the most common cause of disease.

To be physically active, you do not necessarily have to register in the gym or lace the running shoes. Go, the most minimalist way of moving, it does. The great thing about it is that walking can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Already in 2008, the Charité Ambulance for Prevention and Integrative Medicine launched the project “10,000 Steps in the Land of Ideas – Wise Heads”. Many sports physicians and the World Health Organization recommend taking at least 10,000 steps every day.

Why you should do 10,000 steps every day

To be physically active is to live simply and consciously. The many walking leads to a win-win situation, in which one can profit by himself, his fellow humans and the environment in the long term:
  • Prevents diseases such as cardiovascular disease, back pain, diabetes mellitus, cancer,
  • osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, allergies and depression.
  • Heals or relieves these diseases.
  • Prevents overweight or helps with weight loss.
  • Increases well-being and self-confidence.
  • Improves performance and fitness.
  • Ensures a good night’s sleep.
  • Helps save money, as car and public transport are less used.
  • Relieves the company, since it has to take care of less sick.
  • Contributes to environmental protection by consuming almost no resources and causing emissions.
  • Decreases the noise, because walking is the slowest way of moving.

How to make 10,000 steps every day?

10,000 steps result in a distance of five to eight kilometers for most people. That should be done! Each day offers a lot of movement possibilities. With a few tricks you can integrate the Pensum into the everyday life:

  • The car at least on short distances leave.
  • A few buses / metro / S-Bahn stops stop before the destination and the rest run.
  • Avoid the escalator and elevator, instead take the stairs.
  • To drive to work by bike. 30 minutes in the saddle is rewarded with 3,000 steps.
  • In the lunch break a round run around the block, instead of surfing the PC.
  • At the office, get up at least once an hour and get some exercise.
  • Do not call the work col- leagues, but personally look at him.
  • Walking to go shopping. If you have many purchases, go twice.
  • Have an evening walk.
  • On the weekend extensive hiking. There is no bad weather, there are only wrong clothes.

If it is difficult to get motivated, you can use a step counter or pedometer to check the number of steps. The device usually also specifies how many kilometers this corresponds. Only the individual step length has to be stored for this purpose. As an additional motivation, a step diary or a step list can be maintained.

Can you manage 10,000 steps or more every day? What sports do you do to keep fit?


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