Is your life too complicated? Are you often in a hurry? Do you have money? Are you tidying up and cleaning your nerves? Would you like to spend more time with things that you enjoy? Then the minimalism could be your way out of the mess. Since I have learned to live more minimally, I hardly know such troubles.

The question of what minimalism is, answers everyone a little differently. I understand how to get rid of the ballast in order to be able to devote oneself to the things and people that are important to you. This ballast can take a variety of forms, from material overflow to tiring commitments and routine to negative relationships.

Minimalist life does not mean to move into a tiny apartment, sell the car, quit the crisis, or throw the job. You do not have to shake the storeroom for a weekend. Small changes bring more simplicity, clarity and freedom into your life. I have put together 25 tips on how to live minimalist. Any suggestions can be implemented in less than an hour. 

  1. Live under your circumstances, within your possibilities and for your dreams.
  2.  Just buy things you need. If, for example, I discover a beautiful shirt in a shop, I ask myself the following questions on the way to the cash desk: Do I still have no nice shirts (but I have ten nice shirts)? Would my life improve by buying (no)? Would disadvantages arise for me (yes, I would have to work more and my wardrobe would burst)? In case of doubt, I will stop buying. Usually I have forgotten the object of desire after leaving the business again.
  3. Put the contents of your purse on a table and halve it (the contents, not the purse and certainly not the table). Perhaps this is a good opportunity to get rid of one or the other customer card?
  4. Go through your shoe collection and sort out all the shoes you have not worn for two years (advanced: one year). For very well preserved branded goods I was able to achieve high prices on eBay. Otherwise, I donate shoes and clothing to social institutions.
  5. Unplug your TV and store the unit for a day, a week, a month, a year or forever in the storeroom, cellar, storage or garage.
  6. Grab a book that you’ve been reading for ages and make it comfortable on the couch.
    If your bookshelf does not give anything, sign in to the library of your city. The lending usually costs only a small annual fee, as the libraries are financed with tax money. You will be surprised by the selection of books and other media such as magazines, DVDs and e-books. It is often possible to get practically every available book on the interlibrary loan.
  7. No advertising! No free newspapers! Sticker on your mailbox. Minimalist life can be so simple.
  8. Open the user interface of your PC or laptop. I like to compare such a minimalist desktop with a tidy desk.
  9. Wear out of every newsletter that you get but not read anymore. This is also true for my newsletter.
  10. Are you logged into several social media and ask yourself why? Then log off at the platform you least use or at least like. I have deleted my accounts with XING and Stayfriends and considered leaving synonymous Pinterest.
  11. Say yes or no. Avoid “Maybe”, “Jein”, “Let’s see” and “We call together”.
  12. Reach the trunk and interior of your car. Everything that does not belong there comes to the designated place. Waste is disposed of.
  13. For all distances up to 1 kilometer, waive the car and public transport. Instead, walk (or take the bike). This is the most minimalist way of traveling, protecting the environment and money bags and keeping you fit. I now make distances up to two kilometers on foot and consider selling my car.
  14. Empty your refrigerator, clean it thoroughly, then clean it up. Foods that are no longer good are disposed of. The foods that are still good, but you do not like, can be offered to neighbors or friends. And the foods, which are not long lasting, get their own place in the refrigerator and are used for the next cooking.
  15. Discover the simplicity of cooking. There are numerous dishes that go fast, taste good and require little more than a handful of ingredients: a red lens soup; Raw food from apples, carrots, beetroot, banana and olive oil; A potato and mushroom pan; Pizza Marinara, which is only served with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and oregano, etc.
    Eat slowly, with pleasure and without distraction. Listening to music, writing e-mails or reading newspapers is a distraction.
  16. Go outside and look at the starry sky. If the sky is covered or it is day, close your eyes and imagine the starry sky.
  17. You can save time and nerves if you do not do your week shopping on Friday afternoon or Saturday.
  18. Saturday is ideal to visit a museum or to go out into nature.
  19. Are there any business or private appointments in your calendar that you do not have to be aware of and do not feel like? Then takeit off.
  20. Spend time with the people who are important to you, with your partner, your children, your family and your real friends.
  21. Work less. A conversation with the supervisor or the personnel department explains the possibilities. With these I have had good experience: avoiding overtime


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