Whether you have an older phone or tablet, it might be sitting around in a drawer or cabinet if it’s not currently in use. Unfortunately, most people who use these devices just store them away when they get a new one because they do not trust simply throwing them out in the rubbish bin and they do not realize that they can get paid for the devices that are now just sitting around collecting dust. Thankfully, there are a plethora of opportunities available to you if you want to get paid for your old and unused mobile devices.

Why Sell Your Old Devices

Throwing out an unused mobile decide is asking for trouble. Whether you are aware of it or not, there are many people who go through rubbish bins looking for expensive and important documents, devices and paperwork. These people then go through the device to collect information and can use this against you in a way that steals your identity and personal data. However, the better option isn’t to just store the device away in the hopes that one day it will just disappear. The better option is to sell the device and get paid for what you once put money into. It’s a great way to get quick cash without the hassle of trying to find a private buyer.

Is it Safe?

It is completely safe for you to sell your old and unused mobile devices to a company that buys them for you. You will remove your SIM card, which is what contains all of your personal information on the device and will then hand over the device to the buyer. You will receive cash immediately upon the sale of your device, which can be used for a variety of expenditures in your own life like bills or other purchases. The key is to find a device or phone buyer who does it for a living. This way, you know that the process is being done safely and securely.

What to Expect

The process of selling your old and unused mobile device is a lot easier than you might think. To begin, you will find a buyer of these devices and then bring your device into their shop. If the process is being done online, the buyer may require information on the device as well as pictures to see what type of condition the device is in. Once you have done this, the process of actually selling the device for money takes very little time and you could have cash in your hand within a matter of hours.

Price According to Model

The amount that you will get paid for the device depends on its manufacturer and model. For example, older iPhones do not sell as quickly and for as much money as newer models. The same goes for different manufacturers and the brand that the device is made by. In order to find out more information on the specific amount that you are going to get for the device, be sure to contact the company and find out what your device is worth if you choose to sell it.

It is so much easier and safer for you to sell your old and unused mobile devices to a company that does this for a living rather than through a private buyer. Plus, it is a lot safer and more efficient for you to sell a device rather than simply throwing it out in the rubbish bin. More and more people are choosing to sell their old devices because of the amount of money they are able to get off of them and what they are worth when working with a local or online buyer. Be sure to research the buyer before selling and you will be well on your way to getting straight cash for your unused device.


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