These days, businesses are more demanding than ever before. Finally, they’re realising that commercial real estate is just like any other market. The customer holds all the power, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. Businesses don’t have to put up with unreasonable contracts.

While unscrupulous landlords can raise the rent and impose rigid terms, their authority gets lost if interest wanes. So, tenants have more power than they think. What’s more, a new breed of office provider is emerging. Gone are the days of price hikes and lock in leases.

Super flexible serviced offices are here to prove to businesses that success doesn’t mean sacrifice. Visit to find out more.

Introducing the Serviced Office

 There are several serviced facilities in Hong Kong, but the concept is still a relatively new one. So, you may not be familiar with the way they work. Serviced offices are fully managed by the owner of the building. They take care of your every need, at no extra cost.

The only price that tenants pay is the quoted monthly fee. It includes all major utilities like heating, lighting, and cleaning. It also covers the cost of broadband, furniture, décor, tech support, repairmen, and more. For this reason, going serviced is highly economical.

The Perks of a Serviced Lease

 Future Proofing

 One of the biggest challenges for young businesses is staying agile. Flexibility is a valuable asset because success is all about having the ability to adapt. Markets change fast, and those who are willing to embrace the pace have a shot at making it big.

Leasing a service office is beneficial in this regard because tenants are not tied to closed contracts. Serviced offices carry open-ended agreements. You’re welcome to leave at any time or even upgrade within the same building if you’re keen to expand quickly.

Enjoy More Control

 Businesses that occupy serviced suites never have to worry about wasting money. With this arrangement, there are ‘cookie cutter’ leases or generic packages. It’s up to you to shape your terms so that every tool and resource has its place. If you’re on a budget, this is a chance to build a lean, money-making enterprise.

For instance, if you do all your business online and rarely use the phones, don’t pay for a receptionist. You have the option to scale the service back or eliminate it from your lease. That way, you’ve got more to spend on the things really you do need.

Constant Support

 As serviced suites are entirely self-contained, tenants get exclusive access to everything on site. Often, this includes expertise, as well as physical resources like phone lines and mailboxes. The best facilities have IT support staff ready to help with tech emergencies.

Some employ web developers and marketing experts. Others host their own networking and pitch nights as a way to help entrepreneurs network. It’s definitely worth checking out all of the services on offer. This kind of onsite support is not available anywhere else.

Why a Great Office Is What You Need for Success

 It’s true that commercial real estate is changing. Over the last five years, options have grown increasingly alternative. People are moving away from rigid contracts and embracing fluid, flexible routines. However, some trappings of status remain.

Location prejudice, for instance, continues to shape investors and their behaviour towards small companies. Fortunately, serviced offices provide innovation and they also put tenants on the map, in the right spots. You really do get the best of both worlds with this arrangement.










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