The Surveillance Studies Prize 2017 goes to the Austrian Sarah Kriesche for her radio report on the history of surveillance in Vienna
Sarah Kriesche is the winner of the Surveillance Studies Prize 2017. The Viennese journalist receives the prize for a radio reportage, which tells the story of the surveillance in Vienna in several eras. In the form of a critical tour of the city, which Kriesche accompanies as a reporter, she explores the places of surveillance in “Zeitreiseüberwachung” (Transmitter Ö1, “Matrix”, Erstausstrahlung 26 June 2016) and makes the historical contexts as vivid as the parallels to our present . In particular, the jury appreciates this historical perspective, which will be neglected in the current discussions on the monitoring and control society.Sarah Kriesche has been working as a journalist since the end of the 1990s, since 2010 mainly for various ORF radio programs. It focuses on IT security, new media, computers and network policy. She lives and works in Vienna. The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros. The prize money is donated by the web magazine Telepolis.The award ceremony will take place on January 27, 2017 in Hamburg within the framework of the annual Surveillance Studies Lecture. This year’s Surveillance Studies-Lecture is held by Professor Dr. Birgit Däwes, an American from the University of Flensburg. It will provide a historical and up-to-date overview of surveillance structures and their critical subject matter in American novels and television series.

The publication prize for young scientists, which is awarded every two years, is also awarded. This year, the prize for young scientists is awarded to two authors who considered the jury to be equal. The prize is worth 250 euros each.

Kai Denker: Traces of killing. The List in the Drones War Yearbook for Technology Philosophy 2 (2016), p. 123-145.
Max Gedig: “Fighting in invisible man.” Infiltration and its effects on the Black Panther Party, still unpublished
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