Social media marketing uses social media to actively market the products or services of a company. At the center of the efforts is not only the presentation, but above all the interaction with existing and future customers.

With this relatively young form of online marketing, it is trying to address its target groups as directly as possible, in order to increase the awareness of one’s own brand and build a good reputation.

Social media marketing works as part of the overall marketing strategy and can not be considered detached from it. Customer orientation and transparency must be the top principle.

Active approach to customers is not a one-time affair, but requires patience and sustainability. Particularly important is to fill their social media pages regularly with attractive content. This can be interesting photos, funny videos or profit games, main feature it makes your customers fun and ensures interaction. Because nothing is as effective, as good oral propaganda and this 2013 is now times divided and “like” expressed expression. 

What do I get from that?

The German customers have long since gone to get their information out of the net. Take a step towards them and present their products and services in the best light.

These goals can be achieved with social media marketing:

  • Attention to your products and services
  • Active two-way communication with your customers
  • Customer loyalty to your company
  • Motivating your customers to interact
  • Building a positive image
  • Increase your popularity
  • Increase the webtraffics of your website
  • Acquire new customers
  • Active fault management

Which platforms are ideal for me?

The Internet offers a wide range of possibilities to reach existing and potential customers and to get into direct contact with you.

First of all, social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They have huge user numbers and are represented worldwide. The speed at which these networks operate has brought two-way communication between companies and customers to a completely new level and calls for a rapid response from the participating companies.

Here are some of the most important social networks on the web:

  1. Facebook: The largest social network in the world was founded only nine years ago and has over one billion members worldwide. Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the world, in Germany you rank behind the search engine Google on place two of the rankings. Although Facebook has been critically criticized for years for its data protection regulations, the network continues to grow unchecked. Companies can introduce their products, upload photos and videos, and get in direct contact with friends and customers.
  2. Twitter: The short news service Twitter limits the number of published words per tweet (message) to 140 characters. Unlike Facebook, the visibility on Twitter is not limited to friends or fans, but open to all users. The number of users is also growing rapidly. The Microblogging service can trigger flash-like real protest storms, as the current debate on “Sexual harassment in Germany” shows. US President Obama in 2008 with his social media oriented campaign decisively contributed to the popularity of Twitter.
  3. Google +: This social network is the direct response of Google’s search engine operator to the challenge of Facebook. Originally established as a standalone project, Google has been streamlining many of its services like Gmail or Youtube under the umbrella of Google+ for a few months to increase its attractiveness. According to own data, Google+ already has more than 500 million users worldwide, but the users of Gmail are included as well. At the moment, Google+ is still a playground for brand players, but the importance will surely grow strongly in the coming years.
    YouTube: The video platform is owned by Google and has won a triumphant victory. Youtube has long been perceived as an independent medium. On the portal you find besides video logs of users, countless films, film excerpts, commercials and music videos.
  4. LinkedIn: The careers network is very common and offers companies and individuals the opportunity to present themselves and their services. Employees who are responsible for the personnel use these possibilities to post a job, or to approach them in a precise manner.
  5. Instagram: This is a free photo sharing app that allows users to create photos and then make them accessible to other users over the Internet. The app is available for iOS as well as for Android devices. The digital photo service was bought by Facebook in 2012.
  6. Pinterest: This is a social network that allows its users to create virtual pinboards with images. Other users may share, liken or comment on these images. Pinterest is gaining in importance. Particularly interesting for the social media marketing of companies is the dominance of female users. After Instagram ended its collaboration with Twitter, Pinterest took its place and offered a direct integration into Twitter.
  7. Groupon: Groupon is a discount web site that offers your users a special discount on a company’s products or services. The number of offers is limited per company, as soon as sufficient users have made use of the offer, this is no longer available. These discounts are offered in each region for individual cities.


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