How Facebook can contribute to your business success

Without social media, there is little or nothing in the start-up scene today. Here, it is easy to show as a company also in the social media presence. As so often, this coin has two sides: A successful performance in the social media can bring a lot of added value, but this does not come by itself. Social media needs to be managed. Our Top 10 gives you helpful tips on how to make your social media appearance successful.

1. Stay on the ball

The social media live from the fast interaction. For this reason, it is important to be online frequently. Check your messages and comments daily. Post content regularly, otherwise you will slide down the newsfeed very quickly and disappear in the medial recess.

2. Define target group-oriented content

Facebook gives you the opportunity to learn more about your fans, for example how old they are and which region they come from. Therefore, when selecting your posts, you should ensure that you select target group-oriented content.

3. Step into the direct contact

Comment, reply, liken – show off from your friendliest side. Make a voice tube for both sides, your company and the user. Of course, you want to present your company in the first place, but your fans also have something to say: Offer this communication platform a platform. Ask questions and stimulate conversations between users – even if they are controversial.

4. Use the unshakable feedback

Nowhere is it as directly and undefined as in the social networks. Some people are afraid of the Shitstorm, but you should look at the criticism rather as an opportunity for improvement and further development. Tips on the topic of reputation management can be found here.

5. Social media have their own laws

What’s important on your site can float on Facebook and Co. The social networks work according to their own laws: addressing, writing style and the picture selection have to be adjusted. In Facebook, you do not log in to read a page-long article – photos often have a viral effect. Be aware of the fact that they are easy to consume and divide, and the entertainment factor should be a high priority.

6. Use controlling functions

Facebook offers you as an operator a fan page some controlling functions that you should definitely use to your advantage. For example, you can see how many users you have reached with a post. Keep track of what content most Likes get. These figures tell you more about what the target group really wants.

7. Small gifts get the friendship

Regular raffles and sweepstakes delight the community and get the friendship. In addition, you can present your product or service in a clever way – by stating it as a price. Keep in mind, however, the Facebook contest rules.

8. Keep an eye on the competition

Meet with the competition! So keep an eye on their activities. Another bonus: The fans of this site are probably also interested in yours. Perhaps you can still draw the one or the other fan to your side by commenting or likening contributions from the competition.

9. Create clear responsibilities for social media management

Many chefs can spoil the mush. To the outside, of course, you would like to appear as a brand, if several administrators take care of the social media management, you have to set up clear communication rules. A firm structure helps to maintain and even strengthen the corporate identity. Create a social identity: How do you address your readers, how do you say goodbye? Which tone (casual, friendly, serious) do you want to touch?

10. Use social plugins for your website

In all current content management systems, there are plugins that link your website directly to Facebook and Co. Thus, readers can immediately liken an article or product, the action is extended from the website to the social networks.


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