When the New Year rolls around, people start to consider their resolutions. From losing weight to quitting bad habits, there are a number of resolutions that are forgotten within a few weeks. To start your year off right, you need to think of resolutions that will help you succeed in your small business. With a few changes, you can make your business a successful enterprise. Here are some goals you should have for the new year:

Boost Your Digital Presence

One quick change you can make is to improve your digital presence. Today, most consumers check out a company online before they ever make a purchase. If you are using a cookie-cutter website to market your business, you could be missing out on potential customers.


Your website should be mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. To reach out to new clients, you should create an email marketing list and a social media presence. In addition to reaching out to new clients, these techniques can help you improve your client relationships with existing customers.

Take a Risk

Business is all about risk management. Starting your business was a risk, so do not be afraid to take another leap of faith. There are many techniques you can use to improve your business. One common mistake businesses make is with their data.

Your data is important, and you need to do everything possible to protect it. If someone hacks your website or there is a natural disaster, your information needs to be secure. Using a disaster recovery tool can help reduce the chances that you will lose data if you are hacked.

Simplify Your Professional Life

When you run a small business, it seems like everything needs your attention. While some of these tasks are necessary, other items just get in the way. You may have too many product lines or service options to easily handle. If this is the case, your business may benefit if you focus on just the important products that actually resonate with clients.

A common problem among business owners is meetings. Sometimes, it seems like you are having meetings just to feel effective. In reality, many of the topics covered in a meeting can easily be addressed in a short email. If you are holding meetings out of habit instead of necessity, cut them back.

Find Easier Solutions

In the modern world, technology has the answer for just about everything. While there are apps for nearly every task, many businesses continue to do things the old-fashioned way. Right now is an excellent time to rethink how your business runs.

There are software solutions for just about anything: project management tools to help you manage your staff, invoicing software to help your accounts payable department–and the list goes on. The same concept holds true for a number of other business matters. Your goal this year is to work smarter and not harder.

Rethink How Your Business Grows

The entire goal of a business is to make a profit. At some point, you will want your business to expand into new geographic regions or product lines. When it is time to scale up, you have to find an easy way to add employees without adding pressure to your bottom line.

For some companies, subcontractors might be the answer. Unlike a traditional employee, a 1099 contractor is self-employed. They are responsible for their taxes, and you only pay them the agreed amount. Since they tend to have multiple clients, they can be easily let go if you no longer need them.

Start Delegating More

You started the business, so you know how to do just about everything. While you are capable of handling every task, it would be impossible to do everyone’s job. Instead of trying to take on more work, delegate these tasks to your employees.

To do this, you have to put a greater emphasis on employee training. It might take more time to train them now, but you will end up freeing up your schedule later on. Focus on building your team, and you will be able to focus on leading the company.

Be Kind

Making a profit is ideal, but the ends do not always justify the means. There is always room in this world for a little kindness. Being kind will help other people, but it will also help yourself. When you are stressed out by work, a single act of kindness will make you feel happier with yourself.

In addition, this approach can actually help your business as well. Thanking your employees for their work or rewarding them for their success can motivate them to do even better. The time to prepare for the future is right now. As the New Year rolls around, make sure that your business is prepared for a profitable, successful year. With the right resolutions, you can set your goals high for the upcoming months.


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