1. Wearable Technology: It is not yet predictable how far Wearable Technology will grow in the next decade. But experts expect that only from the Apple iWatch to 2018 over 485 million devices go over the loading table
2. Training with your own body weight: The body-weight-lifting exercise began in 2013. Even then, the work-out was on the list of fitness trends. The idea behind it is not new. Nevertheless, the power training is becoming more and more popular, because athletes have discovered that it allows more than reclining, pull-ups and co.
3. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): HIIT is on the list of fitness grades for a few years. The training consists of hard loads and short rest breaks. Even if experts warn of a high risk of injury, the trend is stubborn. The problem, however, is that many hobby sportsmen would lose the joy of it quickly.
4. Trained and experienced fitness professionals: Athletes want efficient training plans and expert guidance – trained trainer is necessary. The fitness trades experience a boom, certificates prevent a wild growth.
5. Force training: Force training should be a new trend? If it is not, of course, the topic in the fitness area will remain current. Frequently, customers in fitness studios focus on it. So it is not surprising that many personal trainers incorporate force training into their clients’ programs
6. Group fitness: Whether aerobics, spinning or dance classes – group fitness provides motivation. This method of training has been longer, but the list of trends has never been more successful. The authors assume that it will develop into a larger trend that has more to offer than Zumba
7. Exercise is Medicine: The idea behind Exercise is Medicine is that training is an important part in the prevention and treatment of diseases. The global health initiative is designed to encourage physicians to incorporate physical activity into treatments.
8. Yoga: The hype surrounding yoga does not seem to decrease. The reason for this is according to the authors that yoga is reinvented every year and a new form of yoga inspires the market
9. Personal Training: Since the survey was first published in 2006, Personal Training has firmly established itself in the top 10. Personal training is also important in 2017. As with all health care professions (see point 4), training is still an issue for personal trainers.
10. Training and Weight Loss: Sport supports weight loss. So it is not surprising that the combination of diet change and training is particularly popular. This is also demonstrated by the many online training programs, which are usually combined with exercises